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1000streams Affiliate & Vendor Network



What is the 1000streams Affiliate & Vendor Network?

The 1000streams Affiliate & Vendor Network joins together an affiliate program and a vendor program together under one roof.

Anyone can join the affiliate program, as well as the vendor program FREE! of charge!

Let’s take a look at both the affiliate program and the vendor program separately first, and then let’s look at the benefit of have both under one roof!<BR><BR>
The Affiliate Program – An affiliate program has four(4) main components:


  1. Vendor – The provider of the products and/or services.
  2. Affiliate – The person referring sales of products and services.
  3. Customer – The person the affiliate refers to the product or service page so they can purchase it.
  4. Network – Records, calculates and pays the commission to the affiliate that referred the sale.

Basically the affiliate program is a way for a person (affiliate) to make money and monetize their websites and/or social media accounts by referring people (customers) to a webpage (landing page) where they can purchase a product(s) and/or service(s) from one or more Vendors.

In return for referring the sale, the affiliate (referrer) earns a commission which the network records, calculates and pays to the affiliate monthly, or even weekly in some cases.


The Vendor Program – Instead of 1000streams just selling its own products, we market products and services from a variety of vendors so we can have a more rich and wider variety of products and services available for sale and for commission for our affiliates.We also invite the affiliates themselves to become vendors as well as affiliate so that they can generate income as an affiliate and as a vendor.

NOTE: You can also be invited to the vendor program without having to be an affiliate, and vice versa. Both the affiliate and the vendor programs can function as a standalone.It is FREE! to join the vendor program.

Once approved, we will market your products and make it available to our affiliates to market as well. Thus the will give you greater exposure to the public, as well as bring in more revenues!The standard commission usually paid to the network under this arrangement is 50% of the retail price. This allows the network to pay its affiliates commissions and make a profit itself.

Arrangements can also be made for commission arrangements under 50% commission, but this may affect the volume of marketing.Every time a sale is made, you the vendor will receive the other 50% of the retail price, along with the postage and address so they can ship to the customer if necessary. The vendor’s commission is paid to the vendor either once a month or week.


The Benefits of Combining the Affiliate & Vendor Program – By combining both the affiliate program and vendor program under one roof, a person can make money from both ends. By referring products as an affiliate for commissions, and through the sale of your products and services by the affiliates.

Having a network of affiliates selling your products is like having an army of salespeople who you don’t pay anything to until they pay you first. Thus as vendor, no money is actually paid out of pocket per se. The sale pays the affiliate commission, and no money is taken out of your pocket, but money is put in your pocket from that point!

Thus, in the 1000streams Affiliate & Vendor Network everyone is promoting and getting paid by one another. One hand washes the other. The combination of an affiliate program and a vendor program is a true win-win situation.


Extra Services – We also design and maintain websites for vendors, and we can even setup an affiliate program and vendor program for your own business and website!


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