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  • OWB-WhiteOnline Webstore in a Box

    Online Webstore in a Box


    Web store in a Box Features:

    check-64 Launch your own online business in as quickly as 24-48 hours! (Upon payment you will receive instructions and a form to fill out and send to us with you affiliate info, product categories, etc. Once we receive the filled in form, we will launch your site in 24-48 hours!)

    NOTE: We also have training classes, and support on Wednesdays. We also help with installs at this class also!

    check-64 Once you sign up as an affiliate (FREE), you can choose from literally millions of products, services and videos into your Online Webstore from the following sources:



    check-64Click Bank



    check-64eZine Articles

    check-64 YouTube

    And more to come…


    check-64 You can choose up five(5) categories (initially), in any combinations from the above mentions sources. You can add more categories whenever you want (modifying or adding additional categories is only $25 per category)!

    check-64Once we set it up, your Online Webstore in a Box will automatically:

    check-64Automatically fetch products and services from the category you chose!

    check-64Automatically fetch products and services from the vendor(s) of your choice (Amazon, Ebay, Click Bank, 1000streams, iTunes, etc.)

    check-64Your website will then automatically create a webpage for the product or service, with a featured image, as well as a description, and other content available!

    check-64Your website will create a link to the product or service and convert it into your affiliate link!

    check-64When someone goes to the product or service page and purchases it, you automatically receive a commission!

    All of this takes place on auto-pilot!


    check-64You can also choose the frequency or how frequently your website fetches products or services.

    check-64You can fetch products once every day (every 24 hours), every 12 hours, every 6 hours, even every hour if you wish! Thus your website automatically updates its self and is always fresh!

    check-64We also pre-install the #1 e-commerce and shopping system (Woocommerce) so that you can sell your own products and services. Create unlimited product and service pages and sell them via PayPal, (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.), Stripe, etc. Thus you can not only make money selling affiliate products and services. You make money selling your own products and services!

    check-64New vendors, products and services are constantly added to our resource base constantly!

    check-64Your website will be featured in our 1000streams directory, and any of your own products and services are eligible to be marketed on the website and the 1000streams Affiliate & Vendor Network! (FREE!)

    check-64You get your own “state of the art” Client Support Dashboard. The client support dashboard also allows you to upload and download items, as well as submit support tickets for help. You will have access to our webinars, tutorials and eBooks on affiliate marketing and how to make money.

    check-64In addition from your client support dashboard you can also continually enhance your website via various add-ons and services, such as:

    check-64Adding new categories

    check-64Adding new vendors

    check-64Adding our premium custom theme

    check-64SEO Keyword Research

    check-64You can many other “Website Enhancements” to take your website to the next level! We are constantly adding the newest and latest add-ons and enhancements to keep your website on the cutting edge and increase your sales!

    check-64Social Media Publishing, management and integration into your website!

    check-64LIVE! Video and Audio streaming create your own radio station / TV station!

    check-64And much more to come…


    View LIVE! Demo Here


    So what are you waiting for? Start and build your online webstore on auto-pilot now!


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  • Website Builder Package: Website Design & Redesign2016_10_12_10.06.18

    Professional E-Commerce Business Website & Webstore


    Professional E-Commerce Business Website & Webstore – We will design, or re-design your website based on the world famous WordPress platform.

    Our websites look professional, has the following features:

    • WordPress Platform
    • Responsive looks beautiful on computer, tablet, ipad, android, iOS, or any device
    • Woocommerce / E-commerce
    • Go LIVE! In 2 weeks!!!
    • Up to 50 webpages (any combination of products, pages and blog posts)
    • Blog
    • Social Media Sharing & Publishing
    • Multi-media
    • Modern Grid Layouts
    • Header / Slider
    • Stripe Credit Card Processing in Addition to PayPal
    • Google Drive Integration
    • Affiliate Marketing Ready
    • Parallax Effects
    • Animation Effects
    • FREE! AffilExpedited – iate Account with 1000streams
    • Special 2 Payment Plan: Pay 50% Deposit Below to get started and pay the balance on the completion date 2 weeks from the deposit.

    portfolio-512Our Portfolio

    See More Details Below!

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  • SEO Services – Development and Management

    Keyword Research and SEO Keyword Analysis Report


    Keyword Research & SEO Keyword Analysis Report – We will do keyword research specific to your niche, as well as analyze, filter keywords & give you a report.

    What is Keyword Research?

    Whenever someone does a search using Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the word(s) they type in the search box is known as a keyword or key phrase. In the world of search engine marketing, and SEO, keywords and key phrases are both the foundation and the goal.

    Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing whose goal is to rank #1 on the S.E.R.P. (search engine results page), like Google, for specific keywords and key phrases.

    By ranking #1 for a keyword or key phrase that gets for example, 27,100 searches a month, approximately 10,000+ of that amount should actually visit your website because it is on page #1 of Google search results.

    Thus the nature and quality of your SEO keywords and key phrases has a direct effect on how successful you marketing campaigns are for your product, service, mission, etc. This is why SEO keywords research is so important!

    What is the Purpose or Goal of Keyword Research?

    The purpose of keyword research is to identify words related to you niche or website and determine what are the optimal keywords you should be striving to rank for on the search engines. In other words what keyword should you search engine optimize for.

    The optimal keywords are those which get a good amount of searches, low-medium competition, and low keyword difficulty.

    In our “Keyword Research & SEO Keyword Analysis Report” we research and produce four (4) Keyword Research Reports, using by filtering, comparing, analyzing and then organizing all of this into reports. Each report is then provided to you in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format and Microsoft Excel (xls) format.

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  • On Page SEO and Landing Page Optimization

    On Page SEO and Landing Page Optimization


    On Page SEO and Landing Page Optimization – Totally optimize your landing pages using our powerful on page seo techniques! Score 70-90% plus.

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  • 1 on 1 Coaching Mentoring

    1 on 1 Web Design – Learn How to Design Premium WordPress Websites


    Learn WordPress website design, in a non-pressure 1 on 1 atmosphere. Set your own learning pace and learning schedule. You can learn right from the comfort of your own home and liesurely learn without having to travel anywhere. We use an app which will allow us to share screens, files, chat and even record our sessions. (60 Minute Session)

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  • webmaster

    Webmaster & Website Maintenance Service


    Webmaster & Website Maintenance Service – We’ll webmaster & do website maintenance for you, including on call, emergency webmaster services!

    What is a Webmaster? A webmaster (from web and master), also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or website coordinator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.

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  • Social Media Manager & Social Media Optimization - We'll go on social media, forums, blogs, Q&A sites for your social media optimization.

    Social Media Manager & Social Media Optimization



    Social Media Manager & Social Media Optimization – We’ll go on social media, forums, blogs, Q&A sites and post, answer questions and add backlinks to you website to create a social media buzz for your brand and website  SEO – $97/hr.

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  • Logo Design & FREE! Corporate Identity Kit Package*2017-01-21-15-38-28

    Logo Design


    Logo Design – A high resolution logo only $97 PDF, PNG, and PSD

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  • mailer

    Email Manager – Scheduler & Auto-Responder Addon


    Add Mass Emailer Scheduler & Auto-responder to Your Website – Instead of paying Constant Contact, aWeber, Mail Chimp, etc, a monthly fee, add a mass emailer, newsletter, optin, auto-responder system, directly into your website. No longer will you have to pay a monthly fee, nor leave your website to do these things!

    Internet marketers have a saying “the money is in the list”. If you work you email list (this addon is how you do it), as a rule of thumb, you should make at least $1 per month per email on your list. Thus if you have a list of 10,000, you should be making $10,000 per month! To work you email list you need this addon.

    See Features Below


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