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October 21, 2015
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On Page SEO and Landing Page Optimization
December 6, 2015
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Keyword Research and SEO Keyword Analysis Report


Keyword Research & SEO Keyword Analysis Report – We will do keyword research specific to your niche, as well as analyze, filter keywords & give you a report.

What is Keyword Research?

Whenever someone does a search using Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the word(s) they type in the search box is known as a keyword or key phrase. In the world of search engine marketing, and SEO, keywords and key phrases are both the foundation and the goal.

Search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing whose goal is to rank #1 on the S.E.R.P. (search engine results page), like Google, for specific keywords and key phrases.

By ranking #1 for a keyword or key phrase that gets for example, 27,100 searches a month, approximately 10,000+ of that amount should actually visit your website because it is on page #1 of Google search results.

Thus the nature and quality of your SEO keywords and key phrases has a direct effect on how successful you marketing campaigns are for your product, service, mission, etc. This is why SEO keywords research is so important!

What is the Purpose or Goal of Keyword Research?

The purpose of keyword research is to identify words related to you niche or website and determine what are the optimal keywords you should be striving to rank for on the search engines. In other words what keyword should you search engine optimize for.

The optimal keywords are those which get a good amount of searches, low-medium competition, and low keyword difficulty.

In our “Keyword Research & SEO Keyword Analysis Report” we research and produce four (4) Keyword Research Reports, using by filtering, comparing, analyzing and then organizing all of this into reports. Each report is then provided to you in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format and Microsoft Excel (xls) format.


Keyword Research and SEO Keyword Analysis Report Features

  • SEO Keywords Research & Report

  • Unfiltered Keyword List - You will receive an Unfiltered keyword list of (800-5000+ depending on package) keywords. This list is good to use for ideas for future focus keywords/ keyphrases.
  • Monthly Search Filtered Keyword List - You will receive a keyword list filtered by a minimum number of 1,000 monthly searches. Any keywords that get less then this minimum will not be on this list. This list is good for use as filler for articles for your website.
  • Best Keywords List - You will receive a list of the top “Best” keywords, filtered by” KEI” (Keyword Efficiency Index), and “Keyword Difficulty” . This will give us keywords with high monthly search, low-medium competion, and which are not to difficult to rank for. This list is good for use as titles and focus keywords for articles on your website.
  • Top 25 Keywords List - You will receive a list of the top 25 keywords. These keyword have passed through the previous filters and are now filtered by cpc for the best “buyin” keywords. These are keywords that imply an intention to buy as opposed to just “kicking the tires!” These keywords should be used as focus keywords for your website’s landing pages, articles, products, services on your website.
  • Google Keyword Planner - Keywords from the richest Google database.
  • Google Autocomplete - Keywords from Google's search box suggestions
  • Google Related Searches - Keywords from Google's related keyword section
  • Keyword Mixer - Will mix and re-arrange keywords and keyphrases
  • Yahoo! Search Assistant - Keywords from Yahoos! search box suggestions
  • Bing Search Suggestions - Keywords from Bings search box suggestions
  • Bing Related Searches - Keywords from Bing's related keyword section
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  • Platinum

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