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Turmeric Curcumin Extract Capsules with BioPerine! (100% Pure Hi-Potency)
August 28, 2016
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October 18, 2016

Email Manager – Scheduler & Auto-Responder Addon


Add Mass Emailer Scheduler & Auto-responder to Your Website – Instead of paying Constant Contact, aWeber, Mail Chimp, etc, a monthly fee, add a mass emailer, newsletter, optin, auto-responder system, directly into your website. No longer will you have to pay a monthly fee, nor leave your website to do these things!

Internet marketers have a saying “the money is in the list”. If you work you email list (this addon is how you do it), as a rule of thumb, you should make at least $1 per month per email on your list. Thus if you have a list of 10,000, you should be making $10,000 per month! To work you email list you need this addon.

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  • Create optin forms to build you email list! – An optin is where you offer your newsletter or something for free download. To get it, they have to “optin” or put their name and email address into the “optin form”.
  • Create an email and schedule it to be sent immediately or schedule a specific time and day. Ex: You can create 10 emails and schedule 1 email to be sent per week over the next 10 weeks!
  • Track email openings. See who and how many people actually opened your email. Usually this will know how effective your the subject line and pre-header line is. The better they are, the more people will open your emails.
  • Track links follows. If you put a link into your email, not only can you track who opened your email, you can also track who followed the link you put in the email
  • Filter your lists. Based on tracking who opened your emails, and who opened your emails, you can assign them to different lists. Ex: You can configure the system to transfer all those who opened your email to a particular list, and those who followed the link to another list. Thus those who opened and followed the list can be moved to a list called “Responsive” and those who did not to a list called “Unresponsive”. You can then send those on these lists different emails.
  • Automatically create and send a newsletter. Ex: The system will automatically compile all of your new content (posts, products, pages, etc) on your website created in that week or month and automatically send it to everyone on the list you choose. Once it is setup, all of this happens on auto-pilot so you can just focus on putting up content on your website.
  • Import users and emails from other websites, older lists, or purchased lists directly into your website and into the list of your choice.
  • Schedule mass mailing to take place over night so as to not bog down your website and server. When you wake up, you will see it say “Completed”. When the recipient wakes up, they will see it in the email inbox.
  • Spam test your emails to see how spammy your email is. The more spammy you email is, the more likely it will be placed into the recipients spam folder, and most likely never seen by the recipient. The spam test will rate how spammy it is based on certain words in the email. You can then modify it by replacing certain words until the spam test gives you the green light.
  • Test your email. You can send a test email to yourself to see what the recipient will see. You can then modify it to look the way you want and fix any bad links before sending out the mass email.
  • This system will be installed and configured with basic setting, and you can modify these settings if you want. You will also be given a tutorial video(s) explaining the basics. We are also available to give you one on one tutorials if you feel you need it.
  • The are many more features, too numerous to list here.
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