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Learn how to hack and re-program yourself and this simulation we call “reality!”


Samples – Ambient Meditation Music – Nature Sounds – Brainwave Entrainment – Guided Meditations

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Create your own beautiful sigils in many different flavors and textures!

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Beautiful sigils, art, photos, designs added to clothes and accessories. We also add your own custom designs at no extra charge!


  1. moorpheus says:


  2. Jamila Yasmine Bey says:


  3. Brian Forehand says:

    Currently reading through the book…can’t wait to apply the concepts! Moorpheus, would you say that Occoulia is also about strengthening our connection to Sophia/Infinity to bring those manifestations into our conscious reality or would u say its more subtle than that – hope that came out right.

    • moorpheus says:



      Occoulia is not only a programming language for “reality”, it can also be seen as “the relationship” with Sophia of the subconscious mind via your avatar (physical body)!


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