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The purpose of this site “Secret of Secrets” is to reveal something that has been kept secret from the masses humanity by a select few who have used this knowledge to control man and guide the course of civilization on planet earth. Some kept this knowledge secret because they felt they were acting as a “shepherd” for the masses (sheep) who they felt would use this knowledge if the had it for low and vulgar purposes. While others kept it secret because it allowed them to wield and accumulate a great deal of wealth, as well as power over humanity and the course of civilization.


The secret I refer to is the fact that every human being is born with the power to change or program what we call “reality” in order to manifest whatever is our desire or objective. In other words, reality is not a static thing, but it can actually be “programmed” by each and everyone of us. In fact we do it everyday, and have done so for eons. But in order to change or program reality, you must first realize that this can be done, and secondly you must have knowledge of the ways this can be done.


Essentially, programming reality involves programming the subconscious mind which is the “operating system” of reality. There are specific ways to program the subconscious mind that involve the use of language, words, symbolism, visualization, dramatization, etc. ($OCCOULIA:). But this knowledge has been kept secret by a select and elite few (the illuminated ones), and thus the masses of humanity have become subjects to these handful of elite sovereigns.


As of a result of intense research, revelation and application, I have not only discovered this secret, but have also put together a practical system or construct whereby anyone can exercise these “godlike” powers over themselves and “reality.” Also, because of the my study of computer and modern technology, I’ve used the computer as an analogy to organized this “construct” like a “programming language” so that a person can program reality the same way you would program and use a computer.


Thus the purpose of this website is to serve as a forum and a vehicle to organize those who sense that it is possible to program reality, into a community / mastermind so that we can help each other achieve our desire and objectives, and bring about a more advanced and cooperative society. We can bring about a society where everyone is sovereign and there are no ignorant subject masses. If we are to build a society where everyone has these divine sovereign “godlike” powers, then we must put into practice the principles of cooperation, and respect so that these powers are not used to “subject” those who are still ignorant of their “godlike” powers.


These are powers we are born with, but the current socio-economic system (the matrix) dumbs us down, and gives us a false concept of reality through false science and religion. It is now time that the “secret of secrets” be revealed so that man can blossom and realize his true potential and achieve his true maturity.


This is the purpose of this site and we will prove that you have the power via the programming the subconscious mind to overcome any health issue, manifest wealth, and find true love in your life. This is your right and your inheritance. There is so much more to say… Get the book “Secret of Secrets” absolutely FREE of charge here to read more. I have so much more to reveal, but it will only be revealed to members because we will work together. Become a member so that together we can explore and master the final frontier, SELF!


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